By: Nycole Hutchens

Will the shade ever end?

Actress and Fox contributor, Stacey Dash, has yet to be spared from celebrities and the general public making comments after she responded to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s declaration that she would not be attending the 2016 Oscars due to lack of diversity, causing an #OscarsSoWhite frenzy.

Dash recently appeared in an interview on Fox recently saying it was hypocrisy to boycott the Oscars and that African-Americans “self-segregate.” She also said shows like BET should not exist and that America should not have a Black History Month.

Well, you can guess how that turned out.

Dash received major backlash, even from BET networks. BET posted a meme with a scene from an episode on “The Game,” where Dash made an appearance.

“Sooooo@realstaceyldash, can we get our check back…or nah?”

bet on stacey dash

Dash finally responded by posting a blog entry titled “How BET Lies to Black People,” accusing the network of “throwing shade.”

“Ever since I said THIS on Fox yesterday, Black Entertainment Television has been throwing shade,” she wrote.
The actress then gave a “back-handed” thank you to the network about her acting roles.

“Well, here’s the thing. Thank you for reminding me, since most people have never heard of that show. Why? It’s on BET.”


Click here to check out the full article by Dash.

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