Many of you all know the love that N.W.A. has for historically black universities! Well, we are excited to announce that BET is making it to where you can somewhat attend an HBCU through your t.v. screen as they get ready to debut the new highly anticipated show “The Quad” in January 2017!

“The Quad,” starring Anika Noni Rose, is expected to give viewers a day-in-the-life of the typical, yet exciting black college experience! Filled with the booming sounds of the Mighty Marching Mountain Cats and the real-life situations that are often associated with and displayed on these legendary campuses, this show looks like a hit for BET.

Rose plays the character of Dr. Eva Fletcher, also known as “Dr.,” the newly elected president of Georgia A&M (a fictional establishment) who is raising a rather wayward daughter and taking on one of the hardest, yet rewarding jobs ever— being the president of an HBCU.

We have a strong idea that this show may wow the network with its ratings. Hopefully it represents these beloved institutions of higher learning very well. After all, you know what many people say— the blacker the college, the sweeter the knowledge! Either way it goes, as “Dr.” says, “Excellence is excellence.”

Watch a sneak peak of “The Quad” below!

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