Relationship GPS

Tracking everyday relationships from first dates, marriage, divorce and the “I don’t know what the heck we’re doing,” Lip Service N.W.A. is letting it all hang out so you don’t get caught up.

Once you recite those vows and commit yourself to your spouse, everything that they have is yours and vice versa. Along with commitment comes many sacrifices, and those sacrifices will prove the ultimate test to those who are willing to do it all in the name of love…or is it really? Yandy Smith-Harris’ revealed a jaw-dropping secret on Love and Hip Hop New York….her marriage isn’t exactly legal.

Dating. Do people still do that anymore? Do men still ask women out for dinner to a nice restaurant, have nice conversation and then pick up the tab? Or is that Generation X? Dating seems to have changed drastically as the years have gone by. Could the growth of technology and social media be the reason why?

Editor’s note: A communications project for my Master Digital Media class required me to recite a poem. I recited a poem I wrote when I was in my teens and, WOW, I realized how I let little things with boyfriends really get me down back then. What do I say today? “Get over it girlfriend, life … Continue reading Shadowed? Nah, pick your head up girlfriend, it ain’t all that bad!

Actress Meagan Good-Franklin visited Houston with her husband Saturday and spoke about love, relationships, women — and submission.