After seeing this clip of R. Kelly speak about the love he has for his mother, how can we not fall in love with him — all over again. Before the “honey love” man was embroiled in scandal, before he was racking up awards and before he was making up “trapped in the closet” lyrical fairy tales, he was a Mama’s Boy.

The singer shared the sweetest memory of his mother that I think we all can relate to: sharing a McDonald’s breakfast and placing his lips on the lipstick ring on her coffee cup as he took a sip. He says he was truly in love with his Mama.

“In a son, mother way, I had a serious crush on my mom,” Kelly said. “I looked up and down to her, around. I loved everything about my mother. You know. I loved her and I even asked her to marry me one day.”

Well mom said no, but he understood, and so do we.

This is the Kellz who is truly the man behind the music. Just a snippet of his inner-being, and we love it.

Look at the sweet moment.


Also, check out a 45-minute clip of R. Kelly singing about his life. Gotta give it to him, the brother has true talent. And he says we can thank his dear mother for that.

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