By: Nycole Hutchens

When it comes to relationships and marriage, actress Meagan Good-Franklin knows a thing or two. Now adding “author” to her resume, Good co-wrote a book, “The Wait,” with her husband, Hollywood executive DeVon Franklin.

The couple attended the second annual Singles Conference “In the Wait” (The Wellness Experience), to speak with singles about the importance of Faith, trust and waiting for “the one.”

“In the Wait,” conference is attended by more than 1,000 single men and women each year at Lighthouse Church in Houston. The event is hosted by Pastor Kieon Henderson and serves to inspire and encourage singles to grow in their Faith, waiting on God’s timing for the right one, and teaches couples how to handle finances in relationships. It features celebrity guest panelists and motivational speakers. was on site at this years’ event and spoke with the Hollywood couple who is making major waves in the industry with their philosophy on relationships.

Good shared spoke about why women should get over fear of the “S” word: SUBMISSION.

“If I get in marriage, am I going to lose my free spiritedness. Am I going to lose my boldness, am I going to lose my fearlessness; everything that I really loved about myself in my 20’s. I was afraid that those things would be dimmed, or that my light would be dimmed,” Good-Franklin said. “When I thought of what submission meant at the time, I was like ‘Oh man, I don’t know.'”

The actress said she found beauty in submission and a newfound freedom.

“What I found in marriage is that I am so much freer, I am so much wholer, I’m so much happier. I have so much more peace and I have more of a boldness and fearlessness. I guess because I have that partner who reaffirms me and who I already am; who speaks to God on my behalf and who covers me, and I do likewise. It’s made me even more of a powerful woman,” she said.

Good-Franklin says submission is not about giving in, it is about growing.

“When it comes to submission, a lot of people view it as listen to your husband, do what he says and be in the kitchen cooking and cleaning,” she said, but emphasized that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“That’s not what it is. It’s knowing your role and knowing your place,” she said. “When I say knowing your place, I don’t mean knowing your place as underneath him. I mean knowing your place is beside him.”

Her husband also had pointers for those who are in the “waiting” period, and saving themselves for the right one.

“Don’t think about it, do it. It’s the best decision you can make. It will bring you so much clarity, perspective and peace,” Franklin said.

“The Wait” is in stores now. You can get practical tips and advice on

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