HOUSTON — Online dating, nightclubs, office romances and friendly hook-ups – these are all familiar tools in the search for love, but how do you know when you’ve found the real thing? Pastor J Presents: The Answer, The Resume for Mr. and Mrs. Right is a relationship conference taking place Saturday, February 21 at Higher Dimension Church, located at 9800 Club Creek Dr., Houston, TX.

Acclaimed pastors and speakers Jamaal Bryant, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Toure Roberts, and Dr. Charles and Tara Jenkins use stories of both tragedy and failure in their own relationships to help others who are in pursuit of love.

Using tools that appeal to today’s generation such as music, dancing, technology and social media, Pastor J Presents: The Answer, The Resume for Mr. and Mrs. Right meets millennials where they are and offers a transformative experience to all who attend.  The conference is an amazing opportunity for those who are single, seriously dating, engaged and married to receive powerful and inspiring insights on developing and maintaining Godly relationships.

With a strong desire to reach a generation fading from the Christian experience, Pastor Terrance H. Johnson, affectionately known as “Pastor J,” founder and senior pastor of Higher Dimension Church, created The Answer, an alternative worship event that serves as a platform for young adults to develop their spiritual walk with God.


Pastor Terrance H. Johnson is the founder and senior pastor of Higher Dimension Church. His education derives from American Baptist College located in Nashville, TN, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Sociology. Pastor J is known throughout the country as a premier preacher with extraordinary gifts in biblical exposition, interpretation, and proclamation.


Higher Dimension Church (Higher D) is a 15,000 member faith-based organization located in the Westwood Super Neighborhood—the heart of Houston’s inner-city.  Founded in 1999, Higher Dimension Church serves as a pillar in the Westwood neighborhood with 70% of the 13,000 members calling Westwood their home. With the support of its congregation and numerous community partners, Higher D has significantly increased the community’s capacity to meet the spiritual, educational, social, health, physical and economic needs of a historically disenfranchised people.

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