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Actress Meagan Good-Franklin visited Houston with her husband Saturday and spoke about love, relationships, women — and submission.

In 2015 I lost all of my closest friends. Usually I never had this problem with losing friends or having friendship issues but this year was definitely different. I’ve had more friends drop me, do me wrong, or just simply fall by the wayside. I really felt like I was in the wrong left wondering what did I do?

For those of you who don’t know what “Cuffing Season” is, it is the time of year when it seems everyone wants to grab a “cuddle buddy” or get “boo’ed up,” as they say. But is it real or will be over really soon?

Acclaimed pastors and speakers Jamaal Bryant, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Toure Roberts, and Dr. Charles and Tara Jenkins use stories of both tragedy and failure in their own relationships to help others who are in pursuit of love.