HOUSTON—A Texas Southern University student has received a coveted spot to work on the re-election campaign for President Barack Obama this summer.   Shekira Dennis has been selected to join a new generation of organizers committed to building grassroots political campaigns.  

Dennis will relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina for the 15-week summer fellowship.

“It is a privilege to be selected from a highly-competitive national pool of applicants. This is a unique opportunity for me to contribute to President Obama’s re-election campaign and represent Texas Southern University with the utmost pride and integrity in Charlotte, North Carolina. Words cannot express how elated I am to participate in this worthy endeavor.”

Throughout her fellowship, Dennis will not only learn organizational skills that influential leaders have used to enact long-lasting social change, but will participate in campaign building.  

(Being a TSU grad myself, I just want to say “Congrats girlie” and make sure and send us some pics with the prez……lucky you!)

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