Mathew Knowles, founder, President and CEO of Music World Entertainment, will resume his signature course, The Recording Industry, during the Spring 2012 semester at the Texas Southern University School of Communication. The course begins on January 23 and will meet weekly in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, according to the Texas Southern University website

The Recording Industry course offers students the opportunity to learn a 21st Century approach to the music business in an interactive setting. Professor Knowles gives his students a rare glimpse of the functions of a record company and the 20 departments that are within the label. Students will learn the function of each department, such as—A&R, business affairs, marketing, digital marketing, radio promotions, sales, public relations and publicity, international, distribution, video production, art and creative services, production and others.

This course also explores other specialized areas of the music industry, including artist management, artist development, branding, merchandising, songwriting, music publishing, booking agents, touring and concert promotions and more. At the end of the semester, students create audio and video presentations for a new music company and/or record label based on what they have learned, and present it to Professor Knowles. Students travel from the TSU campus to Music World Entertainment’s campus to make their final project presentations at the renowned House of Deréon Media Center.

“Teaching and mentoring young adults is one of my passions,” says Knowles. “I am most impressed with their intellect and creative thinking abilities. I’m confident that my students will continue to develop into critical thinkers and will go on to be brilliant contributors to society.”

In between his professorship duties and overseeing day-to-day activities of his music empire, Knowles lectures throughout the year at Ivy League colleges, Historical Black Colleges and Universities, and top tier state and private universities, as well as corporate and nonprofit organizations. Knowles is also in the process of completing his first in a series of books to be released in 2012.

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