By: Undria Wilson

You may not know Marquise Jackson by name, but you’ve heard his story. Jackson released his debut track called “Different,” which seems to take aim at his famous father… or so they say.

Jackson’s verse “Lost my father, he still alive” caused quite a stir into the father-son duo whose controversial relationship saga has been playing out on social media for a long time.

According to, the teen explains that the song is not a diss and that people are making it more than what it is. The teen went on to explain that the song is detailing the current things that he is going through and does not want to be in his father’s shadow.

TMZ even asked Jackson if he would collaborate with his father and he responded “I don’t know! His music hasn’t been too good lately.” He added, “I don’t know if you people just hold him to a higher standard than usual, but his music hasn’t been too good lately.”

However, on, It also recently emerged that 50 had blocked his own son on the social media after his offspring asked fans to stop advising him to reach out to his father.

So there looks like there won’t be any type of reconciliation between the two anytime soon, but we hope that they will patch it up one day.