By: Nakia Cooper, Ciara Rouege and Alexandria Green, originally posted on

HOUSTON — We took an in-depth look at Houston’s drag community. From the lingo to the fashion, the club scene to the pageants, and so more much! Searching for an overall understanding, we are going underground to completely debunk myths and rumors and to expose the world to a lifestyle that has a dominating presence in everyday culture.

This web-exclusive series will touch on topics like drag-influenced makeup, pop culture, health issues, separation and segregation in the drag community and more. In addition, we will give an exclusive look at a “day in the life” of one of Houston’s most well-known drag queens.

This feature is Part of a digital exclusive series, #Slay: Exploring Houston’s drag community.  Click links below for complete coverage.

Introduction: #Slay: Exploring Houston’s Drag Community

Part I: #Slay: The Makeover Takeover: How drag queens inspire the way women “beat” their face today

Part II: #Slay: Go BIG with fierce drag fashions or exit stage left

Part III: #Slay: “Death Drop” with the Drag Gawds — it’s all about the performance

Part IV: #Slay: It’s no illusion — drag celebrity impersonators are the real deal!

Part V: #Slay: Perfectly-imperfect and unapologetic, androgynous performers take drag next level

Part VI: #Slay: Don’t mind the onlookers! Camp, bearded queens become drag’s proudest rule breakers

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