By: Undria Wilson

The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems to really be sparking flames this season. From the drama of Kandi versus Porscha, Phaedra versus Kenya, it seems to be never-ending!

According to, Sheree dropped a bombshell that shocks some of the people that she considers friends. In a preview clip, Sheree and her ex-husband Bob were discussing how newly divorced Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas were able to still interact with each other on a trip to Maui after their divorce was finalized.

Sheree admits that her and her ex couldn’t have been that cordial after their past relationship, and Sheree starts to tear up as she reveals that Bob used to put his hands on her and even at one point, choke her.

Whatever has occurred in the past may have healed—or so it seems.

Ladies, would you continue to have a cordial relationship with an abusive ex or should the past really stay in the past?

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