By: Debra Patterson

We all sort of saw this coming, right? Or is it coming, may be another question.  Whatever it is, I know it sucks for the couple in question to see it all play out on “reality” television.

It’s no secret that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage has been on life-support for some time; and it appears that it may be taking a darker turn.

 The couple revealed on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion that they are not only living under two different roofs, but are living in two different states. Damn, is all we can say.

Peter faults the reality show for complicating his marriage and no longer has a desire to be a part of a show he feels “thrives off drama.”

The two tried to put on a united front, with Peter even saying that his separation from his wife — for business reasons — is not any different than if he was in the military.

Yeah bro, but honestly, most military men are not cavorting around town with strange women in “questionable” positions captured on cellphone video. And people are saying that Mr. Thomas is quite the Romeo around town.

Let’s hope he gets it together.  But what do you all think? Should Cynthia drop her Jamaican sensation and head on back to Leon?

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