LUBBOCK, Texas—A man set his mom on fire then went on an attack a nearby charter school in Lubbock Monday, according to reports by KTRE, an East Texas station.

A hospital spokesperson said the mother, 69-year-old Bertha Bradley, is in critical condition with third-degree burns over more than half of her body.

Officials said 32-year-old George James Brady poured some sort of flammable liquid on his mom then lit her on fire at her apartment.  The mother then ran outside and began rolling on the ground in an effort to put the flames out.  Neighbors  ran to her aid and poured water on the burning woman, according to police.

Police said following the attack on his mother, Brady then went to a nearby school, barricaded himself in a room with a teacher and tried to sexually assault t her.

The school’s superintendent Richard Baumgartner broke down the door and got into a standoff with what he described as an angry, aggressive man.

Brady even lunged at the superintendent with a knife, grazing him, but Baumgartner would not leave his teacher alone.  They remained in a standoff until authorities came.

Bradley was placed under arrest.  He is now being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and attempted aggravated sexual assault.

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Check out a KTRE news clip detailing how the events unfolded