I spent a lot of time always “dolling myself up,” but somehow, I was painting the wrong picture. I often wondered if my “sexiness” was being confused with something a little more on the negative side, making men focus on my outside, instead of my inside.

So when I ran across this article on Dr. Drew’s Life Changers about what’s sexy vs. what’s slutty, it made me think twice of all the low-cut, skin-tight, hip-hugging articles of clothing in my closet.  Mo matter how subtle I thought a little cleavage was, maybe I was sending out the wrong signals.

Dr. Drew‘s Lifechanger and VH 1’s “Tough Love” Master Matchmaker Steve Ward says “there are many women everywhere who waste a lot of time and money to look good for us. Apparently, many women can’t tell the difference between what we consider sexy and what we consider slutty.”

Here’s the problem: men aren’t helping you make the distinction any easier. Why? Because at the end of the night, it really doesn’t matter.

Most men take what they can get. Bringing a woman home to meet the parents is very different from taking a woman home to bed. We’ve been taught never to take a slutty woman seriously. This is all just a matter of perception, because sometimes even the sluttiest-looking women turn out to be quite prudish.

Here’s what looking slutty means to most men like me: It says, “I don’t have much self-respect and have to expose myself in order to attract a man. Value me for my appearance and worry about my character and personality traits later (if at all).”

Slutty is trying too hard. Sexy is natural. Slutty is over-exposure. Sexy is just enough. Women can be sexy and sophisticated, classy and intelligent: relationship-worthy. Slutty can not.

Sexy can actually be high maintenance or low maintenance.

Want more?  Click here to read the rest of this article and get more tips from Dr. Drew LaPinsky and Steve Ward’s “Manslation!

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