LAS VEGAS—Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. will not have to serve his 90-day jail sentence until June 1, allowing the prizefighter to fulfill contractual obligations for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo match in Las Vegas to a still un-named opponent, according to ESPN.  And the reason for the delay….you guessed it….MONEY!

Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa came to the decision after pleas from Mayweather’s attorney, Richard Wright.  If Mayweather would have gone to jail today, the highly-anticipated fight most-likely would have been canceled and the city could have lost a $1oo million draw from tourists and other fight-enthusiasts.  Mayweather’s promoters had already reserved the MGM Grand Garden Arena and pay-per-view television contracts had already been set, which was another factor in the decision.

Mayweather was scheduled to begin serving the sentence in a Las Vegas county jail for his guilty plea in a domestic violence case involving an attack on his ex-girlfriend, and the fight apparently happened right in front of two of their children.

The undefeated 34-year-old boxing phenom was issued the 3-month sentence by a judge last month, but police say that could be reduced to just 60 days with good behavior and work time – you know – “Hollywood” style jail time. (sarcasm)

Police said Mayweather attacked the mother of three of his children – Josie Harris – in September 2010.  They said he pulled her hair, punched her and twisted her arm. Police said he also threatened to beat their sons during an argument about Harris dating another man. Harris, now 31, lives in the Los Angeles area with the couple’s sons, now 12 and 10, and their 8-year-old daughter.

Mayweather is truly a money-making machine and obviously that is carrying him a long way.  He earned upward of $20 million for his most recent fights against Victor Ortiz, which won him the WBC welterweight belt, and “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Entertainers Ray J, who is a self-proclaimed member of the “Money Team,” and Lil’ Kim were in the courtroom today to show their support.