By: Symphony Webb

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Sacramento police officer is under investigation after a disturbing video surfaced on social media of him beating an unarmed Black man for jaywalking.

The officer, whose name has not yet been released to the public, has been placed on leave while authorities investigate the matter. Dash-cam video footage was released Tuesday, in addition to a video taken from a bystander’s cellphone.

The bystander, Naomi Montaie, caught the entire incident on camera.

Police stopped Nandi Cain Jr. around 5 p.m. Monday for illegally crossing the street. The two were seen exchanging words before the officer forced Cain to the ground.

Footage shows the officer hitting Cain in the face multiple times, and nearly breaking his arm.

The Sacramento Police Department released the following statement:

“The actions of the involved Sacramento police officer are disturbing and do not appear to be reasonable based upon the circumstances, the Sacramento Police Department holds itself to the highest professional standard and the actions that were observed are not indicative of the dedicated women and men who work for the Department.”

According to reports, Cain initially faced charges for resisting arrest, but those charges were later dropped.

The district attorney will determine if charges against the officer will be filed.

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