Tag: police brutality

Last week, a video went viral as 21-year-old Demetrius Hollins was pulled over for a traffic stop in Gwinnett County, GA, but soon became a punching bag for the two police officers that pulled him over. Both officers have since been fired, however, that does not ease the pain nor erase the traumatic experience that Hollins encounter.

Many are disheartened by the videos we’ve seen of law enforcement attacking Standing Rock frontline protestors. After fighting for months over a whopping $3.7 billion project that has the potential to contaminate their water supply, Native Americans are taking a stand against potential damages to their land.

As if tensions weren’t already at an all-time high, there have been even more murders and shootings taking place, only this time they have occurred in Baton Rouge, LA, the starting point for much of America’s grief in the past two weeks.

Our Houston home girl and international megastar Beyonce’ has broken her silence. The “Formation” singer recently spoke to Elle magazine about feminism, empowerment and her recent controversial video for her single, “Formation.”