By: Mister Jackson

For the first time in a long time, the nation is at a boiling point. Police-shootings of unarmed black men and women have supplanted any mentioning of the Ebola crisis the world is still facing and that dominated the media reports.

Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Rumain Brisbon, Bernard Bailey, and many more all are true stories of unarmed shootings by a cop or someone pretending to be a cop (Trayvon case)..

And while the leaders of this country attempt to quell to unrest and bring a sense of public security  and trust into the populace, there’s a wing-nut (with the hope to become president one day) running around the country with a microphone talking of de-stabilizing the country by shutting down the government.

There’s is a point when even the great Titantic succumbed to stress to its hull and gave way.

I’m listening to reggae great Gregory Isaccs today and he has two songs that seem to be the messages that I think are apropos.

His songs –  Judge and Jury (the actions being taken by cops) and Mr. Cop.

In another song not included as an attachment, ‘Hot Stepper’, he says

– ‘….Some Men Have Been Brutal By The Games The Play …. There’s A Price On My Head So High That I’m Wanted …’

– ‘ ….But Jah Won’t Let The Wicked Capture I …. I  Know Thins Will Be Better ….’

In the Mr. Cop, he sings:

Cool down your temper, Mr Cop, cool down
Hear me when I say, I say
Cool down your temper, Mr Cop, cool down

Put a smile on your face while passing through
Put away all the frown and that awful screw
We just sipping a cup and having some fun

And it’s better than in the streets bashing guns

Meat be in market, marrow in a bone
What don’t concern you, please leave it alone

‘Cause thegrass was made for the cow and ass
And the herb on this land for the use of man
Tell ’em, Missa, tell ’em

Cool down your temper, Mr Cop, cool down
Down down, down down
Go down, go down, go down
Coppy, stop you bothering me

Go down, go down, go down..

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share………. Be blessed.

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