By: Mister Jackson

Run Black Girl, Run!

Until you see the sun,

Come up three times before your face

Keep running. You know it’s a race

That’s to be run ….so stopping far too soon

Gets no one

No where, quickly, so don’t be the one

Who is done.

Long B4 you see the sun,

Come up three times before your face

And then open wide and …… taste

THE VICTORY! (4 U, 4 sistahood & 4 those who can’t,  or won’t …. run)

Then hold both of your hands high above your head but not because you dont want them to fire

But because of the burning desire

That you feel deep within your soul and soles

So let it be told

That you were there and here

You faced the fear

And beat it at its own game, though cruel

You ran the race and won it decidedly all the while not knowing what exactly were the rules

But still ahead, forward on, you went

And spent

The time it took to ascertain

Though no one would explain

Which way was up & which way was down

Ooh the frowns

You faced

As U broke the ribbon, and as the prize, TOOK first place

Cuz U knew that no one was going to give you a damn nor a DAMN THANG.

You heard the bell rang

And out of the block you came

Asking questions like ‘what, where, who, when & why’

But learning as you went that you were gonna die

So you looked and learned

Then you felt the burn

In your legs all the way into your soul and soles

As race began to unfold

And you could see us waiting there at the finish line

You knew it was you time

So U accepted unconditionally to Run Black Girl, Run!

And you came to realized that ‘it always seems to be impossible …. until it’s done!’


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