HOUSTON — For those of you who don’t know, Nessacary is the bad, beautiful and bold recording artist who recently won “Best Female Hip Hop Artist” at the 2016 Go DJ Awards in Houston. And anyone who attended the awards and saw her perform live, knows what we are talking about when we say the Goddess does slay!

“I was really excited,” she told “Wow, it’s always great to have a token for all your hard work.”

Nessacary opened the Go DJ Awards, alongside fellow nominee, H-Town recording artist and 5th Ward native Just Brittany. The two had natural chemistry, which Nessacary admitted others did not necessarily want to see.

“When I first moved down to Houston, everybody would put us against each other,” she said. “Automatically we kind of had that tension at first, because people would put us against each other but, when we met each other, talked to each other, it wasn’t even like that. Ever since then, we were good.”


The artists displayed true unity on stage, right down to their double-mint divas matching black dresses, while still celebrating their individual uniqueness with their signature hairstyles. Nessacary was rocking a fade (to perfection) and Just Brittany had a sleek orange mane.


But it was tough emotionally for Nessacary a week leading up to the awards. She opened up, sharing that her nephew had just passed away, but she mustered up the courage to continue rehearsals while planning a funeral.

She did what most black women do when faced with unexpected tragedy; be brave and push through.

“I wanted to make him proud,” she said.

Something that most people probably don’t know is that she is very hands on with all of her projects, from her fiery hits to her videos. Nessacary is signed to ER Entertainment.

“I’m a boss. People don’t know I am the CEO and vice president to the label I’m signed under,” she said.

We decided to switch gears and ask her a couple of fun questions, and loved her candid and shocking responses.

What is a necessity for Nessacary?

Her answer: “Tittie tape” (to keep the “girls” in)

And secondly, having your own money so you don’t have to wait for a guy to buy you a drink, is also at the top of her must-have list.

We agree, there’s nothing worse, ladies, than looking “broke” at the bar.

For the future, Nessecary is planning to mix in a little acting with her music. She tole N.W.A. that she wrote her own “Hip Hopera” visual.

While sharing a visual similar to Beyonce’s Emmy-nominated “Lemonade,” Nessacary said her piece is taking a different approach.

So what else should we know about Nessacary?

Well, she is from Cleveland, Ohio, and packed up her life, and her sister who’s been supporting her since she started her music career, and moved to Houston when presented with the opportunity. She said she feels she made the right decision.

Nessacary is on the move and, even though she was tight-lipped about it, word on the street is she will be a cast member on the highly-anticipated “Love and Hip Hop Houston.”

She did not spill any deets on that, but no worries, we have our eagle eyes on ya sistah. Keep doing your thang!

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