Outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams recently had a “moment of truth” hot topic session on her show and delivered some tough words of wisdom to Fantasia Barrino, who has gotten herself into a bit of “baby daddy” drama after her affair with a married father.

“Fantasia is hoping her baby’s father Antwaun Cook will step up to the plate and (A) marry her and (B) help out financially with the baby,” said the host.

She took a moment to pause, gave that signature blank stare, then let it rip “big sister to little sister.”

Wendy told Fantasia, speaking on behalf of other wives, Fantasia was “dead wrong” and outlined the following reasons, which should have been obvious to Fantasia.

  1.  Antwaun is still married to his wife, Paula – which Fantasia knew when she stepped up to him in the T-Mobile store.
  2. Antwaun has two kids with his estranged wife; ages 7 and 3.
  3. According to a call the Wendy Williams Show placed to the T-Mobile store, he only makes about $60,000 year.
  4. A separated man is still a married man and Fantasia shamelessly paraded the unavailable man in public, even jet-skiing on vacation.
  5. Fantasia hasn’t had a hit in ages, has a blood-sucking family and can’t afford to have a baby with a married, T-Mobile agent who already has two other children.

“Fantasia, he’s not going to marry you because it’s cheaper not to divorce his own wife, unless you go multi-platinum; in which case we’re not going to marry him because he’s using us,” Wendy said.

Well, someone had to say it…..but we doubt Fantasia will listen.  Oh well, congrats anyway on her little bundle of joy.

Check out the clip below from the Youtube Channel for the Wendy Williams Show.


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