Lip quivering and hitting notes that made the Queen stand to her feet.  Fantasia blew the crowd away with her chilling performance of Patti LaBelle’s “You Are My Friend,” in a tribute to the legendary R & B diva at the 2016 BET Honors.

“Now, when you’re giving Patti LaBelle a musical tribute, you have to be careful.  Patti’s songs ain’t for everybody. But this lady that I am bringing to the stage right now, like Patti, is the real deal,” host Arsenio Hall said.

Then the American Idol alumna walked onto the stage in a stunning black gown, fitted to perfection.

“I feel like I want to take my shoes off, but I am going to try to keep them on,” Fantasia said.

Then, she let it rip, sending chills up and down the spines of everyone in the audience and watching around the world.

We won’t bore you with any more text, because words can’t describe the performance.  Just see for yourself!

Take a bow and watch a soon-to-be legend honoring our Legendary Lady Marmalade! All we can say is…damn girl!

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