Lip Service is a term dating back to the 1600s, defined as an avowal of advocacy, adherence or allegiance expressed in words, but NOT backed by deeds. In other words, talking a whole ‘lotta smack and doing nothing about it.  Well, not in this century—we are turning this term around!

From the average to the edgy, Lip Service:  News with Attitude covers it all.  Based in Houston, Texas, this site is committed to delivering local and national news, celebrity highlights, feature articles taken straight from the streets, “late-night” short stories and much more! Giving you a daily dose of news, entertainment and lifestyle tips– with an attitude, of course!

Lip Service N.W.A. is about every aspect of your life and lifestyle, tragedies and triumphs that are happening every day. It is about truth, objectivity and fairness—not sensationalism.  It is not just about “who did what to whom” in Hollywood, it is about what is really going on in the world.

Lip Service N.W.A. is for the mothers and fathers trying to keep it together, the single trying to land a mate and the trapped trying to find a way out.

From our “L.I.P.S” to your ears, you will be given a full-service range of Lively, Informative and Passionate articles, blogs and stories that are sure to give you what you need to get through the daily grind.

Simply put, information is education. When you are informed of what’s happening in the world — good or bad — you tend to make better life decisions.  Lip Service N.W.A. is not about blowing smoke, it is about removing the clouds so you can find your way.

Nakia Cooper, the Editor-in-Chief, is a mother of two and a graduate of Texas Southern University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and is currently pursuing a Master of Communication.  She is also currently employed at one of Houston’s top television news stations.

As a proud member of the Houston Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists, she is committed to covering the community fairly.

Not your average reporter and willing to touch topics others dare not, her motto is been there, done that and trying to do whole lot more!

So, we can’t launch our site without a little party music to welcome us, so we chose to let “Uncle Luke”  do the honors.  Don’t worry, the version is PG-13 and all in good fun! 

But since Lip Service: News With Attitude loves to learn from past mistakes, after looking at the video, ladies remember — it is not appropriate to gyrate on the side of a pool in a bikini and sneakers. But hey– it was the 90s!

Check out Uncle Luke’s video courtesy of Youtube.


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