By:  Jeffery Edwards

♥We at Lip Service: News with Attitude love to give any one the platform to express their thoughts and passions.  And this brother Jeffery Edwards truly has a passion for the full-figured woman, so we could not resist.  All we have to say is — “Say it , brother!”  And the rest of you should fall in line!♥

I was 9 and she was 12!  She was a little “rounded around the edges” and that’s when I think it first hit me.  After that, my addiction was born.

Full-figured is what they are referred to these days. Back in the 80s they would be called fat.  Kids can be so mean.  I had to have more. It allowed me to appreciate the infinite curves that these women possess.

By today’s standard they are rising to the top of the fashion world as well as the entertainment industry. With names like Jill Scott, Lisa Raye, Serena Williams, Kirstie Alley and the list goes on and on—just like the curves they have been blessed with. 

I am a realist.  I like what I like.  I like my women like I like my streets, wide and filled with curves. No straight-aways for me!

What makes me so infatuated with shapely women?  I have been trying to figure this out since I was 9.  Was it the fact that my first interaction was with a thick girl? Maybe I can’t imagine anything other than this.

I test drove a skinny chic once and it was cool, but I felt limited and overpowering.

Now I don’t mind being dominated, especially when it comes to my lovemaking, but I feel there is no limit when it comes to a bigger woman. 

(This is Jeff’s special woman)


Walk with me!!!!

As I gaze at you in that silhouette

The shadow grows bigger, so I figure

My emotions start to trigger

My heart starts to quiver, body begins to shiver

Knowing I am about to be delivered

Directly to ecstasy, her name should be Sexstasy,

Because my work has been cut out for me

Mapping out my plan of attack

I can easily start at the dip of your back

Miles of curves I see, so appealing to me,

How can this be?

I can easily see myself falling for you because of the

Infinity that is your body

That’s my playground at this moment

I can play for days because you seem to go on forever

Very clever God we serve

To provide us with the variety of candy for us to devour

I chose the very rarest of flowers

She blooms wider than others

Fills my bed and blesses my covers

Unbreakable is what she is

Full in size all the way to the rim…of her full breasts, thick waist, juice-filled lips

 That she didn’t pay the doctor to inject

She is in effect, the perfect 10!

Why have one, when I can have 2?

But when 2 skinny ones equals one of you

I have the best of both worlds rolled up into you.

Created by God

Now others try and mimic what you were blessed with

So they inject hips, lips, breast, and the rest

Is no comparison

To what was already there when you come out of the womb

Must be a blessing to have those possessions

And they want to be like you, but still talk about you

As if you don’t know

You stole the show, a looooonng time ago…

When you were teased because of your size

They were really informing you of your prize

That came with no assembly required, just took years to inspire

Others to say, “Hey! I want her lips, hips, and thighs,”

I dare anyone to try one

You will like it … I guarantee

You will see

That a full-figured woman is where you should be

Lays couldn’t make enough chips, to fill these hips, savor these lips and marry the dips

That come with those infinite curves

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