By: N.W.A. Street Diva Debra Patterson

It’s raining NAKED men, Hallelujah! Butts were everywhere and football “booties” at that. The NFL network aired a post-game locker room interview with Adam “PACMAN” Jones on Sunday, not realizing the team was getting ready for the showers.

Cheeks were from left to right in the room, it seems.  NFL Network’s Albert Breer didn’t notice he was giving the world a peep show during his interview. Too bad, but great for us ladies!

But wait, don’t stop laughing just yet, there’s more!

When the interview segment was over and they cut back to the announcers, an awkward silence took place.  A few seconds later, those gentlemen burst into laughter and could not stop.
I’m sure we are all used to post game locker room interviews, but THANK YOU Albert for shaking things up.

Be sure to tune in next game, you never know what you might see.

Like the broadcaster said…. “Wowie Zowie!”

Take a look at the video, and YOU’RE WELCOME LADIES!

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