HOUSTON—Golden Legacy Sports (GLS) will host its website launch event Tuesday introducing its online platform designed to virtually connect both recruiters and high school athletes.

The event will be held at Café 4212, located at 4212 Almeda, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Founded in 2010, GLS focuses on helping student athletes be proactive in their recruitment process, with a mission to prepare students to become collegiate athletes, while pushing them to become productive citizens. The organization is structured to assist the educational system and parents by providing student-athletes with educational resources for transition to a college bound student, allowing access for students in urban/underserved communities who may need additional academic assistance.

“There’s a gap in the preparation of high school student-athletes for post education and athletic competition,” said TraNeisha Allen, former athlete, teacher, coach and founder of GLS. “It’s essential that student athletes be prepared for college, being able to endure the term of their college career, while being successful academically and athletically.”

The new site will serve as a highly-effective platform and online community for student athletes, high school coaches, school districts and university recruiters. On the academic preparation side, students can sign up on the site for a $30 annual fee and create their own profile. Students will have access to academic prep programs to include study hall or tutorials, college prep and a Leadership Zone.

Recruiters can log on to create a profile, view the athlete profiles, video clips, photos, full length district games—-making scouting both convenient and cost efficient to institutions.

Other features include: views of high school profiles, submissions for letters of interest, highlighted athletes, scholarship opportunities from GLS and the ability for students or parents to contact recruiters.

“What’s revolutionary and different about this site is that it’s designed to create a sense of empowerment and motivation for student athletes—to further develop their skill set,” said Allen. “It also minimizes spending on travel and other additional costs to scout potential scholarship candidates on the recruitment side.”

Additionally, high school coaches and school districts can assist in positioning their athletes by posting game highlights, which strategically raises their teams’ profile in the city and throughout the NCAA system.

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