HOUSTON — Forget the negative images and stereotypes of “Black Women in Reality Television,” and forget all the “Shady Boots” activities you saw weekly on “Bravo,” Quad Webb-Lunceford is a smart, sexy, powerhouse diva (in a tiny little package) and she just may have the formula when it comes to, not only capturing and keeping an audience, but capturing and keeping a man.  Poised to perfection and coiffed in elegance from head to toe, team “News With Attitude” had the opportunity to chat it up with the diva when she came to Houston for a meet and greet, “A Champagne Toast with Quad benefiting Canine Companions,” at Lamik Beauty in the River Oaks area on Friday, June 21, 2013.

(Pictured:  Nakia Cooper (owner, Quad Webb-Lunceford (Married to Medicine) and Velyjha Southern (Student, Texas Southern University)

There are not many people who can make me leave my desk at the news station, but when I got the invite to meet Mrs. Webb-Lunceford in person, I decided it was time to take an “extended” lunch break.  I am a fan of reality television, and I have grown from having a love/hate relationship with the programming to making it one of my “guilty pleasures.” I shamelessly am in love with just about all of the “Real Housewives” shows, to the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise and yes, the female doctors and doctors’ wives on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine.”

“Ms. Quad, Ms. Quad…she got it…she got it” is not only a favorite of a “Good Judy” as she calls it, but is a fan favorite among many reality show watchers – including me.

As with any interview or project I cover, I ALWAYS send out my famous “BAT SIGNAL” on social media to invite a college student to join me for some real-life experience.  A first-timer, Velyjha Southern from Texas Southern University’s School of Communication, answered.

First things first, I asked Velyjha was she familiar with the show.  She said ABSOLUTELY.  Secondly, I asked who was her favorite personality.  She answered Mariah.  I then told her that Mariah’s “bestie” Quad was in town and that we had the opportunity to meet — and possibly interview — her.  Velyjha squealed with excitement, got glammed up and immediately met me at the spot.

I told her upon arrival that if we ran into any problems (as common with some “stars”) we would immediately leave and wait on the next opportunity.  I gave her a camera, a few instructions and said I would make myself scarce and head back to the station to finish out my shift.  But, not only did we thoroughly enjoy the meeting, I actually stayed longer than I was supposed to.

Ms. Quad entered the room in a pleasant burst of energy, impeccably dressed and as kind and graceful as British royalty.  She took the time to speak to each member of the media, asking each of them their names and their organizations, and thanking them for taking the time to meet with her.  When one gentleman from another media outlet spoke a little too softly, she graciously took his hand, asked him to speak up and let him know that who he was – was important to her – and that he deserved to be heard as well.  He got a little more bass in his voice after that….lol.

Sheer class…she should give lessons.

When she made it to us, I explained to her that my Velyjha was a novice and this was her first celebrity interview, but she told us not to worry and that all would be well.  I then left to head back to the station, leaving Velyjha to ask her questions…with one very special one from me to save for last. (We’ll get to that one later.)  Mrs. Webb-Lunceford was thoughtful and careful with her answers and said she loved what we had to ask.  Guess what, we loved her answers.  Check it out!

Q & A with Quad:


Velyjha:  I am very excited about my first celebrity interview.  First, how do you feel about your experience on “Married to Medicine?”

Quad:  Initially I had some mixed feelings about it, there were some things very heavy for me at times, but I pushed through and I am very happy that I did and I am excited about it.

Velyjha:  You seemed to hold yourself together a lot, but on the reunion show, it was like no resolution among the girls.  So do you ever see yourself getting better with the girls and moving forward?

Quad:  Well, time will tell.  I always said time heals all wounds.  It is not something that I can foresee, but you know, we will see what happens.

Velyjha:  Is Toya still a “shady tree?”

Quad:  Is the sky still blue?

Velyjha:  Your pups…I noticed that Khloe and Karie were missing.  Is there a reason?

Quad:  Actually they were going to come with me, but the hotel was not “pet-friendly” so I didn’t want to bring them here and they were not welcome.

Velyjha:  And were they the inspiration for your new line, “Posh Pups Apparel?”

Quad: Absolutely, you know I love to dress them and sometimes it is very hard for me to find the things that I like for them, so I said, ‘You know what?  Enough is enough and what better way to dress them the way you want than to just design your own clothes.’”

Velyjha:  When can we expect to see the line?

Quad:  You’ll see it coming soon, yes.


Velyjha:  Why do you think it is important for women to support other women and uplift entrepreneurs?

Quad:  First and foremost, I think you are stronger in numbers.  You can be strong by yourself, but there is more strength in numbers.  I think that it is important to pass down the blessings that we’ve learned, or the knowledge that we have, in order to help lift the next person up.  Often what I see is that we don’t really grasp that concept as we should because we think that it takes away from us.  But it doesn’t.  The success of another woman is your success because she is paving a way for the next person who is coming up behind her.  So I think it is very important for us to stand strong and help each other.  I always say that your net worth is only as great as your network.  It is pertinent that we work together, it really is.

Velyjha:  How does a woman remain powerful, yet feminine, in a relationship?

Quad:  Powerful, yet feminine, that is a really good question.  I think it’s just knowing your position and your role and responsibilities in a relationship, and that’s not in a negative way.  We (women) are the backbone, we are the support system, we are the nurturers.  Allowing the man to be a man in a relationship and not minimizing his masculinity definitely tends to support his well-being.  He is the head of the household and should be treated as such, and I don’t think that takes away from the woman.  I really feel that the women who understand that, they display a lot more strength than a woman who is being combative in a relationship or in competition with her spouse.  I think just knowing your role and responsibilities and just living up to that is the key.

The final two answers had me sold.  Women need to stop competing with each other and support each other more…sincerely!  We have so much against us already, we need to recognize an ally when we see it.

According to her website,, she is newly wed to Psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Lunceford whose reserved demeanor clashes with her unpredictable feistiness. Their personality differences may be connected their gap in age- he is 13 years her senior, as she prefers it.  Quad quickly ascended to great heights as the first in her immediate family to complete undergraduate studies attaining a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry at Tennessee State University. Quad has built a successful and rewarding career. With more than a decade in medical sales, Quad’s work ethic has landed her in the top 10% of her colleagues and garnered several appointments in leadership positions.  That is why she was the perfect person to answer the final question.

 Being a single, black woman in Corporate America, I am finding it hard to meet my soul mate.  Some men are out to get what you have, and others are just intimidated by a woman’s success.  But I totally agree, I have always believed in letting a man be a man.  I know how to remain strong, and let him take the lead.  More women should follow that formula so that when they do meet their potential “Mr. Right,” he will not just be “Mr. Right On Time,” but “Mr. Right ‘til the End of Time.”  Thanks for the interview—and the advice—my sistah.

My grandmother always said that a true lady not only knows when it is time to leave, but she always leaves exactly as she came.  Mrs. Webb-Lunceford came to Houston with style and grace, and she left in the same manner.  On her website, she is quoted as saying, “I did not ‘marry medicine,’ medicine was lucky enough to marry me.” YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, AND WE ARE LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT. 

Now….go back to Atlanta and keep “giving it to the people” with sass, pretty lady!  See you on Season 2— we hope!

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For all things “Quad,”  click here to visit her website…..or click here to follow her on Twitter @AbsolutleyQuad.


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