I am sure that it was the company that I was keeping – more along the lines of a nightmare date – but the last time Mary J. Blige  came to RodeoHouston in 2010, it wasn’t that exciting for me – but not this time!  Mary J. turned it up this year for Black Heritage Day at the Reliant!

This time around, I had my girlfriends and my cousin with me…and the tallest margarita they had to offer at the stadium.

I was initially just to take photos for my job at the news station and wasn’t overly excited to be there, but that changed the moment Mary J. walked on stage and began to SANG!

My section appeared to be the wildest in the stadium…..or at least “my crew” was.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a HUGE Mary J. fan, that is why I went to the concert the first time in 2010, and I really do think it was the idiot in the seat next to me (my date) who ruined that night for me.  Well, this time, there were no boyfriends allowed …don’t have one anyway…and I got to pour out my soul with the rest of the ladies in the crowd.

I even started picking with a nice couple in front of me saying they were in the “scorned women section” and no lovers were allowed…LOL… Sad, but true.  Hey, they knew it was all in fun.

Anyway, Mary, my Mary tore it up, tore it down and turned it every which way but loose…and stepped it up and out with some bad a$$ boots. 

And what was the crowd favorite?  Don’t act like you don’t know….the ladies went wild when “Not Gon’ Cry,” our anthem from “Waiting to Exhale” began….and no, not one person — except Mary– could hit the notes (but we did not care)…lol!

Thanks Mary J. and can’t wait to see you again, diva! 

Check out some of the photos from our wild night here at (for the complete slideshow) and check out some of my favorite pics below.

  Hey, what can you expect:  this is Texas and it was the rodeo! 



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