HOUSTON – Officials with the Houston Texans and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo gave a select few the first preview of the world’s largest indoor high-definition video scoreboard at a VIP event in the Reliant Stadium West Club on Tuesday, August 13.

Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes was beaming with pride as he addressed the media and attendees, showing off the new, state-of-the-art BIG screens (severe understatement) affixed on either side of the field.  Check out some facts about Reliant Stadium’s newest additions and see why Houston can boast some major bragging rights!  And BTW, the food (and wine) was GREATand everyone had a WONDERFUL time!



  • The largest in-stadium HD video displays in the world have been installed and will be ready for Houston’s preseason game against the Miami Dolphins on August 17.
  • Image area is 52.49’ (H) x 277.17’ (W), totaling 14,549 square feet of display surface compared to 2,592 square feet of display surface on the old, standard definition boards that were used from 2002-12. That is a 561 percent increase in area.
  • Display resolution of 1,000 x 5,280 pixels in HD 1080i format with 4.4 trillion colors and 960 Hz refresh rate for jitter-free HD images.
  • Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision Systems Division (Dallas Cowboys, Cowboy Stadium; New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium; Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field; Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park; Seattle Seahawks, Century Link Field).
  • The widest display in professional sports (roughly 40 percent wider than current title holder/Safeco Field in Seattle, Wash.).
  • Largest end zone video display in the NFL (more than 70 percent larger than current title holder/LP Field in Nashville, Tenn.).
  • Wider than the wing span of a 747 and equal to roughly 3,050 40” LCD displays.

Photos from the event shot by: Nakia Cooper/ N.W.A.

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  • Texans fans will experience High Definition video images for the first time in Reliant Stadium thanks to the new video displays. The old video boards displayed standard definition images.
  • Replays will be further enhanced thanks to an additional slow-motion instant replay machine from EVS that will capture four more camera angles and the capability of network television replay footage to be shown.
  • The 277-foot wide displays will be the largest in the NFL or MLB. The portion of the displays that show game action are larger than all but three video boards in the NFL at 115 feet wide and 52.5 feet tall.
  • A digital clock and down and distance will replace the matrix displays that served the same purpose.
  • In-game statistics will be presented on the video displays, as will out-of-town scores and fantasy football updates.
  • All of the space on the displays is digital and can be changed out with graphics to enhance fan experience.


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