By:  Mister Jackson

The Texas Hill Country attracts visitors all year round. Whether it’s wildflowers in the spring, water sports in the summer, or dazzling displays of Christmas lights in winter, there’s always fun to be had. That’s why I choose to live in that area.

Four times a year, the Hill Country Wineries plan special Wine Trails and Events to make your visits even more rewarding. The trails are self-guided driving tours, with wineries offering special tastings of newly released wines, demonstrations and tours. Some even pair wine and food (like wine and handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day!). You’ll meet the winemakers and hear first-hand their enthusiasm for what they do. The trails are also a chance to enjoy legendary Hill Country musicians, artists, chefs and entertainers of all kinds. Other Events include trail Kick-off Tastings focusing on a smaller group of wineries in one location and Barrel Tastings where you get access to pre-released wines and time with owners and winemakers.

Brand new this year, THCW will Kick-off each trail with a local wine tasting!  The first Friday evening of each trail, local wineries in one area will gather together to share a sample of their wines with you. 

Start Texas Wine Month off at Fiesta Winery along with Alamosa Wine Cellars, Pillar Bluff Vineyards, Texas Legato and Wedding Oak Winery.  Enjoy Friday evening with these 5 wineries then take your time on the trail the next few days and really discover what the northern area wineries have to offer. 

The Oct.  pass is only $25. You can get the Oct pass with the opening kick-off for $40. Or you can get the season pass for $90. There are only 100 season passes. I bought a season pass because you get all of the trails and a glass and the kick-off for that price. It is the best value.

Eat – Sleep – Travel :


 It was a blast last year and it does SELL OUT!!!

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