One thing we can say about Jennifer Lopez, she knows when to hold ‘em and definitely knows when to fold ‘em.  But is it always that easy to let relationships go?  Apparently, it is. 

The 42-year-old mother, actress, dancer, singer and People’s “Most Beautiful” woman shocked fans around the world when she announced her plans to divorce Anthony earlier this month.

J Lo opened up about her decision to end her marriage of seven years to husband Marc Anthony in the September issue of Vanity Fair magazine. (Release date August 9)

The couple has two children, twins Max and Emme, and remains dedicated to maintaining a healthy relationship for the sake of their kids.

Despite it all, Lopez says she remains an “eternal optimist” who still believes in love.

Lopez said although she and Anthony make magic together when they work, the relationship just wasn’t working out, and she’s learned to walk away from something when it isn’t right. 

We just wish so many others would take that advice. 

Divorce can be a very troubling experience.  However, if handled properly between two reasonable adults (like we know Lopez and Anthony are) children can grow up to be happy and healthy.  It’s the love the parents give, not the roof they share.  Good luck to all!