By: N.W.A. Street Diva Debra Patterson

I guess the saying is true, not all love stories end with “happily ever after.” In fact, some end with a pregnant lesbian lover and a court order to evacuate immediately.

The divorce of women’s basketball wunderkind, Brittney Griner, and wife, Glory Johnson, just got messier.

According to TMZ, a judge granted Griner sole ownership of the former couple’s home. The judge showed no mercy to Johnson, who’s currently pregnant with twins by her ex-boyfriend. Ouch!

To add insult to injury, the ruling states that Johnson must be accompanied by police when gathering her things. Ohhh, AND Johnson only has 20 MINUTES to get all of her things out the home. Now ain’t that some SHHH!!!  This is sad news for the two WNBA stars.

Ok N.W.A readers, we want to hear from you. Do you think the judge was right to kick Johnson out of their crib while pregnant?

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