By: Undria Wilson
So apparently, Future still has ill-feelings towards his ex-lover and mother of his child, Ciara. He released his long-awaited album, HNDRXX and people were definitely ready for it!
According to, his song “My Collection” talks about Ciara. He raps about how CiCi slept with two rappers and three singers… and had athletes on speed dial! Now, Ciara is now happily married and has a baby on the way. She took Future to court over slandering her name on Twitter and required supervision for Baby Future.
It seems like either Future is hurt that Ciara has moved on and seems extremely happy, or there’s more to their tragic love affair that didn’t play out in a music video.
Whatever the circumstances are, Future should really consider having a final conversation with his ex and move on with his life. She has, obviously.

How do you feel about Future still talking about Ciara?

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