So, a coworker sent me this awesome Youtube clip made by what could arguably be the funniest person to ever edit a piece of video.

And I got to thinking, “wow, this really sums up relationships,” or the whirlwind ones before the crap hits the fan at least.

The video is comparing relationships—mainly marriage—to a race at the Kentucky Derby.

Just to give you a key, the race is called “The Honeymoon is Over,” and the following horses are the contestants:

  1. Romance and Affection
  2. Domestic Bliss
  3. Marriage Vows
  4. Immediate Child
  5. Mortgage Up the A**
  6. Nasty Attitude
  7. More Children
  8. Drinking Heavily
  9. Credit in Shambles
  10. I Don’t Give a Sh**
  11. Up Yours Keep
  12. The F****** House
  13. You Cook Like Sh**
  14. I F*** your Brother
  15. I Am Out of Here 

I promise you, this hilarious clip will keep you in stitches…and hey, it’s Friday and we’re getting ready for the weekend,

So it is alright to have a little fun.

Enjoy the following clip, courtesy of Youtube.



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