By: Ke’Tara Wells

YouTube sensation Briana Babineaux aka “Bri” blazed her way through Texas, making a special stop right here in Houston for her album release “Keys To My Heart” concert.

Who doesn’t dream of being a 21-year-old fashionista college student with a slick pompadour, and a voice from the gawds to match that beauty?! Was that a mouth full? Well, Miss Bri Bri has got it going on!

Check this…..

This Lafayette star is known as the “Justin Bieber of Gospel.” Why you ask? Because in less than 24 hours and 500,000 views later, Briana Babineaux has become one of the most buzzed about singers on social media.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Brandy and Drake have been major support along with #BriNation dominating your “Share” and “Like” button of her singing gospel tunes. But what she describes as “Pretty Words” in her music, life wasn’t always so delicate in return.

NewsWithAttitude sat down with the talented star for a candid talk

“I was in a relationship. I was a praise and worship leader. I stopped being a praise and worship leader to go after my own flesh and desires of what I thought was right at that time.”

During her relationship with her boyfriend, she began to grow unhappy in her situation which led to weight and hair loss. She began to fall into a dark place over time, “I didn’t even wanna be on this Earth…” she said.

After attending a Women’s Conference with her family soon after ending her relationship, a woman approach her as she explained “God said you’re special to him, ya know he’s going to use you..”

Of course Miss Bri Bri was still in confusion, oh but doesn’t the Lord present Himself right on time? Considering that following Sunday after the conference, she went to a worship session and began singing Tonex “Make Me Over.” The rest was history in less than 24 hours when that video went viral on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The pain and hurt that she shared with the world, and her ability to connect with others began to inspired many across the world which led her to Billboard’s #1 Top Gospel Albums chart currently.

Her album “Keys To My Heart” has been selling out in stores like Wal-Mart and Target as she describes her style of music as “worship.”

“When I sing these are my prayers to God. I take it seriously, every time I grab that mic I take it seriously. And I’m intimate about it..”

Bri tells us she wants her fans to feel a pureness when they’re listening to her album, by simply expressing who she is. In doing so, she wants to encourage those to embrace themselves, while standing strong during their journey with God.

Well Miss Bri Bri, congrats and much success to your album and your engagement!

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