By: Crystal Martinez

The power of social media has often been shown when applying for a job or even connecting with people on a business level.

Recently a cry for help was heard on a Facebook post as flood waters closed in around a local web editor at KPRC Houston and editor-in-chief of a popular blog,

In the news industry, reporters, producers and other staff members brave the elements to get to the station just so they can make sure others are safe.  It was no different Monday for the senior web producer at KPRC Channel 2 News in Houston. Nakia Cooper headed out for work at 5 a.m., only to find herself trapped by flood waters. She crept her way up into a church parking lot, and decided to wait it out, but being so close to Brays Bayou which was about to go over its bank, and having less than five percent battery life on her phone, she panicked.  After AAA told her there was no way a wrecker could get to he safely because she was surrounded by water on all sides, she took to Facebook to see if someone close by could help her with anything.

“I’m not much for too much drama … but if there is a wrecker driver or a big truck or a news truck, please come get me. I’m afraid.”  “I’ve been alone here since 6a.m., trapped trying to make it to work. At least, I’m on God’s property, but I want to go home,” Cooper wrote on the post as she sat in her vehicle near Braeburn Valley Baptist Church.

Comments flooded Cooper’s timeline offering prayers, advice, and even rides to try and come get her.  A professor at Texas Southern University, Serbino Sandier-Walker, who was a mentor and friend of Cooper’s, thought fast and called the Houston Fire Department and requested that they go to her location of 7711 South Brasewood.

Firefighters from HFD Station 59 found Cooper, waited while she locked up her car and let her hitch a ride with them.  They went through very high waters themselves, just to deliver her safely to the KPRC studios on the Southwest Freeway.

Of course, along the way, like any newshound and social media aficionado, she took pictures of all the flood damage along the route.

Cooper then posted an update on Facebook, surrounded by her handsome heroes.

“Firefighters rescued me and brought me to work.  The struggle and dedication is real! The power on Facebook is real…so many of you helped call on my behalf after my phone died and they found me stranded along Braes Bayou. Amazing…and Thanks!”

Cooper posted she is grateful to the everyone who helped.

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