We’ve all been there, and yes, we are always wondering if anyone out there is listening.  I am talking about MOTHERS, and one talented mother sang beautifully everything we have been thinking about and struggling with in her beautiful version of Adele’s “Hello.”

Emily Mills is a singer and songwriter who decided to take a funny spin on motherhood after being inspired by Adele’s powerful ballad.  The mother sings about her woes of Cheetos everywhere, volleyball practice, bad report cards, problems with fractions, homework etc. I am now ADDICTED to this song.

“Hello from the mother’s side….
I think I might break down and cry….
Because I love my children, but I don’t want anymore
Can somebody pass me the Pinot Noir…..”

Mills wrote about her “Moment of Clarity” on her website and let us all know that her song is really lighthearted and all in fun,.

“This video is a parody, a comedy, satire. I don’t reach for wine every time my kids begin to annoy me…but sometimes, I look forward to a glass of Pinot with friends. I don’t take lightly alcohol abuse or addiction, and work hard with women recovering from it. Alcohol is not bad, abusing it is.

Let’s give grace and be humble and kind. Strong and fierce doesn’t have to equal rude and arrogant.

All of that to say, I love being a mom. I don’t have a full time nanny. I shot this video with my own kids and husband in the wings. It’s an all play around here and my kids are the best gift God has ever entrusted to me. I take my role as mom so seriously, and then need to laugh at the low moments,” she wrote.

Well sistah, you are my new hero and I am right there with ya!

Check out the video and sing along Mamas!!!

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