By: Undria Wilson

50 Cent has continued to keep himself in the headlines and it’s not for his drama-filled hit show “Power,” either. On Mother’s Day, 50 took to Instagram with a picture of a dog and captioned it, “Me and my first baby mom. LOL.”

The comment section blew up in a frenzy with his first child’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, who responded back saying that 50 was in his feelings because she was no longer in his life.

She suggested that the rapper may have been a little nostalgic because it was the day he was shot, and she and her family were the only ones to take care of him.

But that’s not all….

Tompkins took to Twitter and corrected 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, on how much child support he still had left to pay. He revealed that he has paid over $1 million dollars in child support for his first son and that the money wasn’t necessarily going where it needed to be.

This drama started to boil over when an unidentified man posted a picture wearing a cap and sash commemorating being done with child support after 20 years. 50 added in, “LOL 4 months left no more free ride. She might want to get a job now.”

50 and Thompson seem to still have a bitter feud with one another, and that has caused a riff between 50 and his son, Marquis.

Although 50 is an established rapper, it is rather childish and sad that this man (or boy) still cannot leave the pettiness behind. Father’s Day is around the corner and it is sad that another young black man cannot bask in the glory of spending time with his Dad.

50, for the most part, does not keep in contact with his oldest child and it is evident in the things that he posts.

But his mama definitely is good with the clapbacks.

The beef is between the mother and father and the child should not be put into the mix.

Do you think support from a father should end when a child becomes a certain age?

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