We got our first look at Power season 4, and looking at the trailer, we know that this season is bound to our minds! Towards the end of season 3, James St. Patrick a.k.a. Ghost was arrested by his love interest and mistress Angela for the murder of FBI Agent Greg Knox (played by Andy Bean).

Out of all the crimes that Ghost committed, he unfortunately got this one pinned on him! It seems as though his past has finally caught up to him, even if he was innocent this time. And let’s not forget that his son Tariq was put up for ransom by supposedly dead Canaan.

According to EW, Omari Hardwick explained that “Angela was the one person who he felt really had his back in terms of knowing who he wanted to be, and who believed he could be that person… But now he’s left to think, ‘I didn’t really know this person.’ He’s hurt, and he’s vulnerable.”

The season is expected to be unpredictable, exciting, and rather surprising as Ghost goes to trial with wife and ride or die Tasha by his side. There is also a newcomer for this season. Power will return to Starz in the Summer of 2017. Check out the teaser here!