HOUSTON — Hey there parents! There are loads of great things going on at the Children’s Museum of Houston to keep your kids happy, healthy and stimulated. And of course, they are all FREE! Check out what’s happening in the month of November and plan ahead!

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NOV. 3

The Children’s Museum of Houston will be magically transformed into a colorful, beautiful and bountiful Land of the Dead, bursting with an incredible display of ofrenda, “sugar skulls” and marigolds.  Join Miguel, Imelda and Hector during a “Coco”-inspired Day of the Dead celebration, complete with dance and tribute to the departed.






NOV. 4

Get ready to settle down on the mat and explore your inner light!  Zen out and “chillax” during a brand-new series at the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Join us every first Sunday of the month for a 30-minute children’s Yoga session as we play with balance and practice stretches, poses and breathing exercises.  No need to register!

Group of girls training together in gym



NOV. 10

Sponsored by TOTAL

The Children’s Museum of Houston seeks to inspire the next generation of innovative and imaginative thinkers.  You’re invited to unleash your imagination and bring your own ideas to life during Innovation Day.  Tinker with technology, come up with new creations and discover what the future holds for the next generation of young inventors like you!




NOV. 17

Bidi-bidi, bom-bom to the Children’s Museum of Houston!  Celebrate the Queen of Tejano music who was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame last November.  Be inspired by Selena’s audacity, ambition and authenticity to follow your very own dreams.  Learn Selena’s famous “washing machine” moves during a cumbia interactive, and more!  Don’t forget to dress up “Como La Flor” to enter our Selena lookalike contest.


NOV. 19

Let’s talk turkey!  Following the White House tradition which began under president John F. Kennedy, the Children’s Museum of Houston will host its first-ever Turkey Pardon.  Come join the Museum’s Kids’ Committee president for the odd tradition of “pardoning” the turkey which won’t be eaten during an interactive ceremony which will include a real, live turkey!  Good eating, Mr. President.  But let’s keep him going!

A wild male turkey stands in all his glory showing off his animal crest, with feathers fluffy and his tail fully extended



NOV. 20

Get into the holiday spirit with exhilarating activities and join in the Children’s Museum of Houston’s terrific Thanksgiving traditions during our Turkey Jam!

Stay cool in November with a paper turkey fan.  Design a turkey leg hat which will leave you gobbling for days.  Use leaves as tail feathers to make wild turkeys.  And, enter our Turkey Call competition.  Gobble, gobble!  Plus, don’t miss an interactive performance by Bouncing Ben!


NOV. 21

The turkey is in town and trotting his way to the Children’s Museum of Houston for activities, games and special events.  Design banners and Thanksgiving vests and pennants to wobble alongside our turkey character during our colorful Thanksgiving Parade.  This two-part event will feature an indoor parade where kids will make their own festive banners and vests, followed by a meet-and-greet with Santa and Elves on a Shelf carolers.  Have you been naughty or nice?  Bring your holiday wish list and camera.


NOV. 23

Be merry!  Be bright!  Come celebrate the holidays with joy and delight at the Children’s Museum of Houston.  From bells to elves, we are decking the halls to welcome the month of December with adventure, activities and experiments.  Plus, come join our Tree Decorating event with colorful garlands, sparkly ornaments and more!


NOV. 24

Let’s go pumpkin chunkin’!  Sick of everything pumpkin?  So are we!  Grab that pumpkin that’s been laying around and bring it to the Children’s Museum of Houston.  We’ll put that pumpkin to the test during our  Pumpkin Plummet event.  Check out how oddly satisfying it is to safely drop a pumpkin from two-stories high during this err… scientific experiment!

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NOV. 17 TO JAN. 6

When the holiday season rolls around, fire places light up, heaters turn on, and the pumpkin spice craze returns, ’tis the season to be jolly!  The Children’s Museum of Houston invites you to unwrap the holiday magic, spread the joy and bring your friends to the Museum’s “Lights, Snow, and Ugly Sweaters!” winter wonderland that has no end.


Find a whole new reason for the season, come chase the Museum’s colorful lights and dashing colors and bring your loved ones for a warm and toasty escape from the past, into a bright, shimmering, shiny future.  Who knows what’s in store!?  But make sure you’re on the right list this holiday season starting out by visiting the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Happy child girl playing with a snowman on snowy winter walk in nature. Frost winter season.



NOV. 10, 2018 TO JAN. 6, 2019

Did you know Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the nation? Of course, you did! The Children’s Museum of Houston thinks it’s a prime time to celebrate its “diverse city” under one roof with Seasons of Sharing, Houston’s only multicultural holiday exhibit for children.  The exhibit  will celebrate cultural holidays, practices and traditions from around the world; there couldn’t be a more appropriate celebration in town!  With more than 100 languages spoken throughout the Houston area, many cultures from around the globe call Houston home.

Ramadan, Diwali, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Christmas in Norway, Kwanzaa and the Lunar New Year come together in Seasons of Sharing, where a block-long neighborhood of houses light the way through the holiday season.  Each house represents a holiday many households around the world observe. Spot dipa lamps, menorahs, luminarias, kinaras, Christmas lights and the crescent moon dazzling in the most diverse neighborhood in town!  Step inside each home, get cozy and experience firsthand customs and traditions from other cultures.


Now Open!

Enter a magical place where aspects of modern-day life in Vietnam interweave with centuries-old folktales.  Created by the Children’s Museum of Houston, Dragons & Fairies:  Exploring Viet Nam Through Folktales will provide a profusion of hands-on, interactive experiences about the culture of people in Vietnam.  Using four traditional Vietnamese folktales, Dragons & Fairies will deepen the connection between the folktale and the enduring values and traditions they represent.  You’re invited to appreciate the rich cultural heritage and practices of Vietnamese people, become curious and open about a different culture and  learn to discover and emulate the strengths which other cultures can provide.



Now Open!

Sponsored by Occidental Petroleum and The William Stamps Farish Fund

Paper is…well, flat. Very flat. Flat and listless.  BUT, did you know that paper actually has some unique properties?  In the right hands, it is a canvas of potential waiting for a creative spark to transform it into something more!  In “Paper Engineering,” we want YOU to be that spark.  Join the Children’s Museum of Houston as we unfold this brand-new exhibit.  Learn to cut, roll, crease and shape that flat paper into things that spin, fly and pop!

Help paper evolve beyond its normal flat, 2-D world by using it to:


  • Make vehicles that float and fly.
  • Build crazy towers.
  • Shape shadows into pictures.
  • Play games and shoot hoops.
  • Create rings, hats, boomerangs, and boats.
  • Tell stories through pop-ups.
  • AND SO MUCH MORE – over 50 different paper challenges and projects to try out!

Photo courtesy: Cody Duty



Now Open!

Calling out all thrill-seekers!  Get ready for an adrenaline rushed experience!  You’re invited to take on the Museum’s latest interactive designed to keep you moving.  The all-new, “Challenge Course,” located in the PowerPlay exhibit, will pack a powerful punch.  It will have you working up a sweat as you climb, crawl, grip and test your balancing skills inside a gripping ropes course.




S.E.C.R.E.T.New missions out NOW!


Permanent Experience

Photo courtesy: Cody Duty

You’re invited to enlist in the Special Elite Crime Resolution and Espionage Team (aka S.E.C.R.E.T.) to crack codes, uncover clues and outsmart villains.  S.E.C.R.E.T. is the Children’s Museum of Houston’s interactive spy experience.  This revolutionary experience is designed to take a museum visit to the next level.  Agents report to duty and are assigned to go on secret missions throughout the Museum.  Using state-of-the-art technology, agents gear up to solve puzzles, discover hidden agendas and thwart the villains’ schemes.  They help save the Museum, protecting ordinary citizens who are unaware of their covert operations!   There’s currently nothing like it in Houston or in any children’s museum in the world!  Plus, an imminent threat has been detected.  All agents must immediately report to duty and reach “ELITE” status.  ELITE missions have been unleashed and can only be accessed by “ELITE” agents (agents who have completed all Initial missions). 

***Activities, events and times are subject to change.

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