Jennifer Winters is a mother of three four-time, pro figure champion and calendar model for Jimisu and her Beauties—not to mention she has a banging body – so when it comes to fitness, let’s just say she is someone we should listen to.

Jennifer will be loading us up on ways to get fit in the comfort of our own home to help us get ready for …dare I say it….bikini season!

These one-legged squats will work the core ,glutes, hamstrings and quads.  They will help us round out and lift our bottoms and tone those legs. 

Jennifer’s tip: 

For round, tight glutes extend one leg back and put your foot on top of a bench or place on wall.  Stand on one leg, keep your chest up and slowly bend at the knee, while the other leg is supporting your body weight .  Make sure your legs are a good length apart.

For the more Advanced, use hand weights.

Get to work, ladies! 

Jennifer is a certified personal trainer and has a company, Fit 4 Life.  She believes that the outer body and inner soul are connected and is on a mission to help boost women’s confidence with their overall health.  She also trains men and professional athletes.  Click here to connect with her on Facebook and to find out more information on how to start your “Body Under Construction!”

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Check out the video below:


Post-baby, post-burger, post-‘I used to be a size 6’ weight gain!

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