By: Symphony Webb

HOUSTON — Head wraps are in style and so convenient, but the question often comes up: “Are head wraps appropriate for the work place?” Surprisingly, they are, however it does depend on the way you choose to wear them.

Head wraps are very versatile and come in an array of colors and patterns that will allow you to wear them in a professional setting, or to just switch up your daily style.

There are several common reasons why women wear head wraps, particularly women with natural hair.

  1. Your twist-out isn’t ready to be great or you’re not ready to take it down yet.
  2. Fashion statement, it goes well with those cute pair of wedges or maybe it’s a more relaxed day and it looks better with a pair of jeans, flats and a cardigan.
  3. The weather: rain, humidity, extreme dry heat!
  4. Sometimes you may just want to do it for the culture and express yourself a little.

Whatever the reason for rocking a head wrap, do it with confidence! I mean, nobody knows the truth about what’s going on under there but you and the God you serve!

Just in case you still have your reservations on how to professionally wear your head wrap “because of obvious reasons,” here are a few styles to give you a little inspiration.

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