HOUSTON—Somebody call the “Get Money Boyz”  because Michael Jordan’s private jet landed at Houston Hobby Airport for the All- Star weekend and I know he wants to thank them personally for all of their business. (Just kidding)

Anyway, the private jet for the heaviest hitter…of the heavy hitters…was spotted at Houston’s Hobby Airport. 

Jordan is here to enjoy the highly-anticipated NBA All-Star game and, while in town, celebrate his 50th birthday at the Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday.

Rumor has it that he shelled out $100,000 to rent the building for his swanky soiree.

My only question is….where’s my invite?   I thought I was your girl…or “friend in my head,” as Wendy Williams says.

Houston, let’s get ready to party!

And just in case you don’t know who the “Get Money Boyz” are, here is a clip showing them cashing in on the Jordan frenzy, courtesy of Youtube.



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