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During a segment on a self-help book called “How to Date White Women: A practical Guide for Asian Men, Harvey made jokes about the Asian community and even implied that women are not attracted to Asian men.

Dating. Do people still do that anymore? Do men still ask women out for dinner to a nice restaurant, have nice conversation and then pick up the tab? Or is that Generation X? Dating seems to have changed drastically as the years have gone by. Could the growth of technology and social media be the reason why?

Rapper “The Game” spilled the TEA on the romance rumors surrounding him and set the record straight about his dating exploits during a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

When you wake up singing BB King…damn…you know that it’s over. And when you don’t have “the blues” because you are actually singing the blues…damn…you know it wasn’t much to begin with in the first place.