Someone at Madame Noire must have been reading my mind – because once again – another one has bit the damn dust – and poor little me (yeah right) is left wondering, well how did I end up here again?  Not really broken hearted, but totally broken-spirited – but even I am tired of telling myself the comforting words my friends are saying, “That’s OK girl, he’s the one who’s missing out.”  Well, as usual it’s time to take some responsibility and place the blame where needed…right here!  So, when I ran across this article on Madame Noire, I couldn’t resist sharing with the others out there who – for the moment—may still be a little “unlucky in love.”

Read the following excerpts by:   jaustin/ Madame Noire

Sure, there are a**holes out there. There are some true con artists. They’re amazing listeners. They figure you out. They stare at you like they’re looking into your soul. They know what you want to hear. They even know what to do and say to seem like a saint . And then they screw you. And screw you over. In some instances, it’s really not your fault. But to tell you the truth—most of the time it is. You have to remember that you’re the one choosing the men you date. You’re the one opting to go on date number 2, 3, etc. And you’re the only one who can determine what men will and will not be drawn to you. Honestly, you’re the reason your heart is being broken. But you can change that:

You’re not being real upfront

Women want to seem strong. We’re pretty much constantly told that we are too needy, too emotional, too co-dependent. So, to fight that stereotype, we put on our best “I don’t care if you like me or not. I don’t care if you call back or not. I don’t even care if you’re listening” face. And you know what? Some men are attracted to that. They are attracted to that strength—to that independence. They want to date that woman.  So they do. And then that woman, (you) once she becomes comfortable, lets her true colors show. Yes, you’re a little needy sometimes—who isn’t’?! Yes, it does hurt your feelings if he forgets to call you back. And yes, you’re going to let him know. And suddenly, you’re not that bold-faced, “I don’t need a man” woman he fell for.

You won’t block a phone number

This may just be my policy, but I’ve seen a lot of women get into a lot of unnecessary drama by not following it. If it’s over—it’s over. And if it ended with some bad feelings, you need to block his phone number, his email, and unfriend him on Facebook. Because all it takes is that one little 2 am text message when you’re a little drunk (“I miss you”), and suddenly, you forgot why you broke up. And you text back “I miss you too,” and within a week, you’re yelling at each other again. If you don’t have the strength to ignore those texts and emails, then take control of the one thing you can control—block him.

You’re still growing

Maybe you just moved to a new town, or you are in between jobs so you don’t have much of a social life or a new career is taking up your time. But if you don’t have your own thing going on, you’re going to depend on your guy too much. You may not notice it because, if you’re out of work and out of friends, those 8 hours when he is at work feel like an eternity to you. But they fly by for him, so when you text saying “I haven’t heard from you in forever” that “forever” sounds a bit drastic to him. And then he feels that you’re too clingy and he drops you, at a point when you are feeling more lonely and lost than ever. A boyfriend is just a quick and unsustainable fix for a life that still needs to be built up. It’s a tempting fix—but resist it until you’re stronger.

You chase the unavailable

He tells you he isn’t ready for a relationship. Great—you accept the challenge (it wasn’t a challenge though). He tells you he isn’t into monogamy. You accept again. He tells you he has never spoken about his feelings with a partner. You get to work on making his tears flow. You put in much more energy him than you would have to with, oh, a giving man who is ready for a relationship, so when it ends, you feel more exhausted and devastated than ever. Just don’t do it! Walk away from a man as soon as he shows signs that he can’t give you what you want. You will save your heart a lot of pain in the end.

Those are my four favorite reasons, but there’s a whole lot more. 

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