It is always nice to dream, isn’t it?  But to all those people on Facebook that believe one of their “Friends”  sent them a link to the ultimate Nicki Minaj sex tape, don’t believe the hype!  It is a scam, and clicking it sets you and your friends up for spam.

The “Nicki Minaj Sex Tape — Exclusive!” is spreading like wildfire on Facebook and, after the spam of the “funniest baby you ever want to see” scam, it makes you wonder – what will they think of next?

Well this time, the lure of watching a hot woman in the act and a message telling you to hurry and watch it before it’s removed, is trying to pull unsuspecting nosy-rosies and horn-dogs in for the taking.

The message reads, “Her boyfriend gave this tape to a BBC Reporter. Watch it live before it is taken down by her lawyers.”

Luckily, the Facebook scam spotter website Facecrooks are getting the word out before your privacy and computers are compromised.

According to Facecrooks, if you click on the thumbnail, the YouTube link redirects users to a phony BBC News website. The YouTube video then reappears with more text reading, “Her agent did NOT want you to see this. Watch the full video here.”

After clicking on the “imposter” links, the fake message that lured them in becomes spam and goes out to all the friends on their Facebook page.

The victims are then asked to fill out a survey before they can see the sex tape, but guess what – it never comes on and the spammers make money from the survey.

“Never complete surveys to unlock videos or other content on Facebook,” Facecrooks wrote. “Scammers use these tricks to either spread malware, obtain personal identification or earn commissions from marketing companies. Don’t pad their pocket and possibly open yourself up to harm!”

The number one rule when it comes to these “you have to watch this” or “this is too cute” or “you have to see this”  or “oh my god, is this you”  video is:  Use your best judgment and, when in doubt, contact the friend who supposedly sent you the link and ask if they really sent it.

If it seems too good to be true…well, you know the rest.  Sorry Nicki Minaj fans, you’ll just have to use your X-ray vision and active imaginations, but no sex tape exists – at least not on the Internet!

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