By: Undria Wilson

If you’ve kept up with the beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj, then you have to know that somehow Foxy Brown inserted herself into the beef!

Yes, Foxy Brown from the late ’90s has inserted herself into a one-way battle between the two fellow New York rappers. Foxy released a track recently over Jay-Z’s “Takeover” beat, and she uploaded rounds of insults towards Remy.

According to, Foxy went on to detail her alliance with Nicki. Confirming her friendship with Nicki Minaj, mentioning (Nicki my b****), Foxy questioned Remy’s gangsta: “When we was on the island, Rem was in PC shook/ She was never tough, she was never wildin’.”

From there, Foxy, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, brought up Remy’s pregnancy issues: “Pap fucked that dirty-a** BX beast/I’m a motherf****’ BK savage/You heard? Yeah, I heard about that b**** miscarriage.”

Last year, Nicki teased a collaboration that would include Remy and Foxy over a Diplo beat. But speaking with Rap-Up, Reminisce later said it was “never recorded.”

“When we discussed it, [Nicki] actually said, ‘Don’t tell anybody. It’s top secret.’ So the fact that she disclosed that information is beyond me,” she said. “I don’t think that’s what people wanted to hear, that combination. That was just my personal decision so I didn’t want to do that. [Foxy Brown is] her friend so I can understand that, but I was gone for a long time. If you wanted to do a song with your friend, do a song with your friend. They could have did that song without me. I don’t understand what that was.” Other female rappers are also getting vocal about this feud. Lil’ Kim spoke on it, while Rah Digga recently shared her take on Remy’s “Another One” diss.

Hopefully, the two will come together, patch it up and bring some real emcees back to the hip hop game.

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