I’m trying so hard to eat right, exercise and stay in shape…but let’s face it, it is easy to slip up and fall off the wagon sometimes.  And yes, it hurts when you hit the ground!

But when you have a great support system and some hassle-free options, it is easy to hop right back on and continue on your path!

I am training for something really big right now to scratch off my bucket list—can’t officially announce it yet – and I am really working my buns off to sculpt my (already) beautiful self into an (even more beautiful) specimen.  (Note:  I am not being arrogant, but trying to convince and encourage myself with some positive words….lol)

Nonetheless, when you are as busy as I am (full-time mom, full-time TV digital media producer, part-time blogger, full-time chauffeur for the kids and Little League aficionado of snacks and cheerleading from the stands while yawning), you pray for ANYTHING that can help you stay focused while trying reach your goal.

I am almost ready to say “Heaven has answered” a few of my cries because I had a delightful “out of body” experience sampling the food at Snap Kitchen’s tasting event!

The tasting, which was held March 11, introduced guests to the exciting new menu inspired from Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American flavors, as well as traditional comfort food.  The extensive menu features chef-created entrees that highlight locally- and regionally-sourced ingredients full of flavor and nourishing to the body.

“We wanted to just showcase what we feel are our most solid dishes that have been selling the most and are the most popular and just get the word out about what we do,” Chef Matthew Reinhart of Snap Kitchen said.

Provencal Flatbread (190 calories per slice) .. Photo credit:  Nakia Cooper

Provencal Flatbread (190 calories per slice) .. Photo credit: Nakia Cooper

I must admit, I am someone who relies on ready-to-eat meals, and since many Houstonians have hopped on the healthy-eating bandwagon, specialty food stores are everywhere.  But what do you choose and how can you not become bored with eating the same foods over and over? 

“Houston is slowly becoming more centered around an active, healthy lifestyle, yet it is still challenging to find tasty, chef-created entrees on-the-go,” said Martin Berson, CEO and co-founder of Snap Kitchen.  “We strive to keep things fresh, and that means updating menus regularly to keep up with the guest’s changing palates.”

Housemade Smoked Salmon Snack (150 calories)...Photo credit:  Nakia Cooper

Housemade Smoked Salmon Snack (150 calories)…Photo credit: Nakia Cooper

Under the guidance of Chef Reinhart and Registered Dietitian Andrea Hinsdale, the new menu includes more than two dozen new creations that are made fresh daily and cater to vegan, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, carb-conscious and active lifestyles.

“We don’t try to oversell anyone a lifestyle, we try and accommodate people who are just trying to make a good decision, trying to do right and eat more vegetables.  We all know what we are supposed to do, but there are not enough hours in the day to always make the right choice,” Hinsdale said.  “We’re simplifying. We’re going away from the method of everything being processed, where everything has salt and sugar and we bleach and refine and make it not food, then add food values back in.”

Cheesecake dessert …Photo credit:  Nakia Cooper

Cheesecake dessert …Photo credit: Nakia Cooper

Sounds crazy, right?  Not so much.  The way food has been over processed so much these days, it is a wonder our clothing sizes are going up, right along with our blood pressures.  Team Snap Kitchen believes they have the formula to turn things around.

“We are 99.9 percent gluten-free, obviously no processed ingredients; no white flour, no butter, so you’ve got a pretty good start no matter what your diet is,” Chef Reinhart said.  “I encourage everyone to come try us out.  My biggest goal personally for the company as a whole is to show people that food can taste good and be healthy for you as well.  People need to start realizing that you can eat well and not feel like you are sacrificing on flavor.”

Kale Caesar Salad (190 calories)...Photo credit:  Nakia Cooper

Kale Caesar Salad (190 calories)…Photo credit: Nakia Cooper

Chef Reinhart grew up in Houston, went to St. Thomas High School, obtained his business degree from Southwestern in Georgetown, went to the CIA in Hyde Park in New York, worked in various hotels and restaurants, and spent some time in the south of France where he developed his passion for seasonal, local products and joined the Snap Kitchen family about two and a half years ago.  So I guess he is definitely one to trust!

Personally, I am not a part of the veggie, vegan, paleo, gluten or any other movement, I am simply a curvaceous Texas gal, looking to drop some pounds while keeping the curves and toning up.  The only thing I know how to do is count calories and control portion sizes.  My “diet research” ends there, so it was actually great to know that I could dine on foods that cater to these particular interests, while also catering to my grab-and-go lifestyle. 

Malaysian Vegetable Curry... Photo credit:  Nakia Cooper

Malaysian Vegetable Curry… Photo credit: Nakia Cooper

At the end of the event, I became a customer and loaded up for the week.    Let’s see how it all turns out.  I will keep you posted!

"Buying my goodies, wish me luck!"

“Buying my goodies, wish me luck!”

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