By: Symphony Webb

HOUSTON — Summer is right around the corner and this is usually the time when natural girls come face to face with the disobedient “twist outs” and “wash n go” hairstyles.  With trying to keep your hair protected from heat damage and finding a cute hair style that won’t submit to humidity, it can be quite a struggle. In fact, after putting so much love, care, attention and MONEY into your hair care routine it seems as if your natural hair is determined to do its own thing. This is enough to make you re-think being natural. However, here are five songs that will reassure your faith in your natural hair.

  1. Corrine Baily Rae-Put Your Records On

“Don’t you let those other boys fool you, gotta love that Afro hairdo”

A true declaration of freedom, peace and happiness within yourself. This songs makes you want to let go of all of your cares and worries while rocking a BOMB TWIST OUT!

  1. India Arie-I Am Not My Hair

“I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw that hey I am not my hair”

Even on the craziest hair day the lyrics to this song reminds you that you are more than your hair and that your beauty comes from within.

  1. Sesame Street: Song- I Love My Hair

“I love my hair, I love my hair, there’s nothing that compares with my hair”

This song may not be ideal for some adults but it is perfect for little girls that are not secure with their beautiful natural hair. The lyrics are a great to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

  1. Erykah Badu-Afro

“You need to pick your afro daddy, because its flat one side, well if you don’t pick your afro, you gonna have one side high”

Now metaphorically, the afro that she is referring to in the song is actually the relationship between her and her significant other but nevertheless, the message is the same. Take care of you natural hair, otherwise it will begin to do its own thing!

  1. Dead Prez- The Beauty Within

“This Hollywood world so pretentious, every other girl got a perm or extensions. But you don’t even really wear lipstick still your beauty is a natural mystic.”

Don’t feed into society’s standards of beauty, but feed into the beauty that is already within you. These lyrics encourage Black women not to conform to what everyone else thinks your hair should look like but appreciate it for what it already is, strong, beautiful and curly!

Even though your hair can get a little out of control; sometimes you have to treat it like a new born baby and give it some extra tender, love and care. Whether you rock braids, dreads or a twist out; enjoy your natural hair and the beauty that comes with it.


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